Light Touch is a professional photography business providing services to London, Brighton, Eastbourne, Worthing, Chichester, Crawley and nearby locations in the South East of the UK.


About Light Touch


Light Touch is a professional photography service delivered by the photographer Scott Hortop, serving the South East of England and London or further afield as necessary from a base in Brighton.

Light Touch takes a fresh approach which adapts to the situation rather than creating it. In people photography this means relaxed subjects, this means wherever possible using natural light, this means not being afraid to take risks, capturing true emotion by concentrating on the subject, not the equipment, looking for character in portraits, natural informality in people photography, adding a dynamic edge to commercial images.

Few of the images on this site were art directed or styled by other individuals. They are the result of a direct collaboration by Scott with the individual commissioning the shoot and/or the model involved.

Stock photos for download and fine art prints for delivery are available for instant purchase from the Light Touch photo library.

Light Touch equips itself flexibly to deliver to the quality levels required the fit the situation and its client's needs, typically using standard or full frame digital SLR's, whichever is most suitable to the subject matter and end use.

Scott often works with an assistant, Meeyoung Son. Sometimes she picks up a second camera and shoots - you'll find examples of her work in particular in the Parties and Weddings sections.


All images on this website are copyright protected under The Copyright Design and Patents Act, 1988. The images may not be used in whole or in part for any purpose without express permission of the photographer.

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