Light Touch is a professional photography business providing services to London, Brighton, Eastbourne, Worthing, Chichester, Crawley and nearby locations in the South East of the UK.


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Please provide some basic details of what you expect from the shoot, including the subject matter, the shoot location and anticipated duration. What guides me about what may be involved in the job as much as anything is how you are to be using the images.

The more precise you are in setting out what you want the more confident I can be in providing a competitive estimate because I will not have to allow for uncertainties.

I will respond with an estimate that in the vast majority of cases will, un-amended, become the quotation for the shoot.

> Telephone: 0794 1515567

Does the image you are looking for already exist? Stock photos for download and fine art prints for delivery are available for instant purchase from the Light Touch photo library.

Note: I do not have a drop in studio. I am a specialist people photographer shooting on location; my base is in Brighton but much of my work is on that short commute to London. I bring myself and equipment including lighting as required to where it is needed.

In some circumstances I am able to investigate ways of shooting for you for small or no fee. For example see my lifestyle photography arrangement. For models who require images for their portfolio I can even present a means of earning some money. See my model shoot for stock page.

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