Light Touch is a professional photography business providing services to London, Brighton, Eastbourne, Worthing, Chichester, Crawley and nearby locations in the South East of the UK.

A model portfolio shoot of valuable commercial style images for no fee - and even better than that, if the shoot goes well then you earn 50% of the first six month's income.

Before the shoot

1. Review my portfolios on this site. Look at my stock images for sale at Alamy, iStockPhoto and Getty Images. None of these have been produced with professional models. Do you think that you help me produce something similar or better?

2. Review the industry standard model release that we'll both need to sign. It's pointless going any further if you are not happy with this.

3. Get in touch. Show me images you have online. What are your interests? Can we capitalise on these? Write and let me know.

4. If I think that the ingredients are there for us to make for a successful shoot then I'll be in touch. We'll discuss what we can do, when and where.

5. It's common for such shoots to have a shoot list. I'll work with you to prepare this and while I'll be shooting primarily for ideas that I may have I will pull in some elements contributed by you to give to shots that you would like.


The shoot day

1. We'll start by getting the paperwork out of the way, signing off the
model release. We'll also both sign a copy of this page to show the separate agreement we've entered into.

2. Bearing in mind the location(s) and shoot list you should bring as wide a range of props and clothing as might be helpful to get a wide variety of images. It's vital that what you are wearing or using as a prop does not carry trade marks or is a copyrighted design. Brand free clothing is the rule.

3. We are not shooting glamour or fashion so esoteric make up is positively not required. You should be smart, presentable which light natural makeup. Doing it yourself is fine!

4. We'll shoot; taking breaks as required and when either of us feel that we are done, we'll finish.


After the shoot

1. I'll edit the shoot to take out the weak images. Asides from the ones which I choose as being good to go forward for sale there'll also be others which I keep because I like them or because I think that you'll like them. Within one week of the shoot I'll put these online for you to review.

2. For each hour that we carried out the shoot, and you should do this within one week of seeing the images, you choose up to five images that I'll take to the next level of processing - toning, spotting, removal of blemishes etc.. You'll be able to download your own high resolution copy of these for your portfolio within a week of your choice being made.

3. I'll also be choosing images to be submitted for sale. They may be the same images that you choose or different. These will be also be subject to that extra level of processing as well as the essential keywording that gets images found and sold online.

4. Within one month of the shoot, I'll submit these images to and take them through the review process for sale.

5. Six months after the last image has gone online I'll print off details of the income that has arisen from the shoot. It will be net of commissions charged by and be denominated in US$. I'll convert the total to Sterling at the latest exchange rate used in providing me funds. You'll then receive a copy of the printout and a cheque for 50% of the income arising.


Your use of the images

1. The image files that I provide to you will be high resolution and you can use them to produce prints for your portfolio or reduce them in size for display in your portfolio online.

2. The images that you place on line must never be bigger that 800px on the longer side. I'll also provide to you carefully prepared smaller size images suitable for your website.

3. require that they are the exclusive sales channel for these images. This is why your use must be restricted to your portfolio and care must be taken through the size restriction so that they do not become otherwise available through piracy.

4. All images remain the copyright of me, Scott Hortop. Other than as described above income arising from them, whether through or perhaps at some future date from other sourcse will be the income of the copyright holder.


What's this all about?

The relationship between model and photographer can be very confusing. With inexperienced amateur photographers putting themselves over as being professional and, dare I suggest it, models doing the same, there's a game often played of who's going to charge who for the images to strengthen the portfolio.

I am looking for models who want to strengthen their portfolio while helping me get editorial and commercial lifestyle that I can sell through stock photo libraries.

As a model you're probably thinking commercial shoot - I want to be paid. And I'm thinking how professional photographers charge models for portfolio shoots!

This is how I'd like to resolve it - I may not make a penny out of these photos but you at least will get a whole set of new images for your portfolio for presentation to a new commercial market.

If you do your job well - and I do mine - then within 6 months of the shoot there should be sales that will tell us how successful it is. At that stage you'll get a payment which represents 50% of earnings to that date and is worked out as presented here.

You'll also be able to download high resolution images to boost your portfolio.

What will the images look like? Well, search on stock photo sites such as Getty Images to see what comes up. The images could be:


If you are looking for studio style images then this arrangement will not be for you. We'll predominately be shooting on location - streets, countryside or indoors - maybe using studio lighting, but otherwise shooting in the real world.