Light Touch is a professional photography business providing services to London, Brighton, Eastbourne, Worthing, Chichester, Crawley and nearby locations in the South East of the UK.

The shoot fee
This is the starting point - I pride myself on my ability to use my time to maximum effect but at the same time do not want to have clients feel the need to rush shoots. I have a low basic fee - so you pay largely for results and if the images do not give you what you want then you can walk away with your choice of three of the web sized preview images.

The initial fee covers attendance within 15 miles of Brighton, the shoot, editing of preview images, and online presentation of the results.
Basic fee, payable in advance £125
Each additional hour after one hour £30

The fee for the images you choose to use

The amount you pay is connected to the value that the images are likely to bring to your business.

Photos you choose are subject to additional processing to transform them into something that really stands out.

The images you choose are made available for you for use on websites or in brochures to download at higher resolution (300dpi) at a size of 2400px on the longest side. (This is large enough for all web use and almost all brochure use).
Images 1 - 5, price per image £30
Images 6 - 15, price per image £15
Each additional image, price per image £10
On 80% of shoots no further factors enter into the final price. The following represent additional fees in respect of special requests that are occasionally made.
Over-sized images
The following additional amounts are due for larger images.
Additional charge per image to 3600px £25
Additional charge per image to 5000px £75
Advertising use
This must be chosen at the time of selecting images or my standard stock photo usage fees will apply. You can then use any of the images from the shoot in print advertising in your local or regional press.
PR use
Choose at the time of selecting images - you can pass any of the images chosen on to others to use for the sole purpose of promoting your business.
All preview images, web resolution
The images you select to be delivered at a larger size are subject to extra processing - but some businesses like to have access to all the web sized images as presented as preview images.
The above pricing assumes that selected images may be used for promotion of my own photography business.
Add 20% to overall fee (£60 minimum)
Central and South West London
Add £40 to basic fee
Outside a radius of 15 miles from Brighton or outside Central and South West London
Black and white conversion
Single fee to cover all images supplied.
The processing I carry out is in respect of whole image adjustments and basic 'spotting' of sensor defects. Retouching is separate and is in respect of specific adjustments that you may require to image content.
£45 per hour
Delivery of images on DVD
Images you order will be made available for download. If you require a DVD to be sent to you then an additional fee applies.
Finishing of images for the web
It is usual for web developers to carry out the final finishing of images for the web from larger images that I supply. If you would like the images to be prepared for you at that larger size AND at a smaller size that you specify then this additional fee applies.
The basic fee of £125 (adjusted for a location fee where applicable) is payable in advance is to secure the order and reserve a date for the shoot. Until this payment is made a date is not secured.

Once paid, this is non-refundable although a new appointment will be made as long as 48 hours notice is given of a postponement.

Remainder is payable after reviewing images from the shoot online but before receiving the final images.
In the unlikely event of the photographer being unable to attend through illness or loss of images through some other unusual eventuality then there is no expectation of a substitute photographer being arranged and no value placed on the lost images. Any amounts paid will of course be refunded or the shoot rearranged for a new date.
You should download and backup the images that you order which will be available to you online for this purpose for at least 6 months after the shoot. Reasonable care is taken to archive images but the continued availablity after this time cannot be guaranteed and a fee @ £45 per hour will be payable to recover images and present them to you.
The images you chose to use and delivered at high resolution are for the purchasing company's exclusive use for a minimum of two years following the shoot. There is one exception to this exclusivity and that is the possible use in the photographer's portfolio for promotion purposes, including on the web.

Businesses come in different shapes and sizes. This page sets out a pricing structure which fits most shoots that I am asked to do for small businesses who require images for websites and brochures.

If you use the images in ways other than on your website or in brochures or as otherwise envisaged here then different considerations will apply and additional fees will be payable. These fees will be based on the individual usage pricing for images as seen on my stock library site:

This package will not work for you if your expectations fall outside what is envisaged (perhaps you are a big business), the shoot requires planning ahead of the day or the shoot requires resources (models, location etc) that you are not going to arrange yourself. Simply be upfront about what you have in mind I and will give an alternative quote.

The pricing and option here are based on my experience of what makes shoots themselves and dealings with clients before and after shoots work smoothly. By being transparent there should be no surprises.

Copyright of all images belongs to Scott Hortop. To the extent that things are not covered here our dealings will be governed by these terms and conditions which are essential those agreed between the Association of Photographers and representatives of their clients.